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A growing problem in Britain

Today, more than at any other time in the history of our country, homes and businesses are threatened by the number one most common of all natural disasters – flash flooding. 

A family or business owner that has experienced even the mildest of floods can tell you that the intrusion of only one inch of water can create thousands of pounds  in damage to property and contents; not to mention loss of work and business interruption expenses associated with the reparation process.There can be months of inconvenience and aggravation in stressful insurance settlement negotiations, including temporary relocation, repairs, and business interruptions.This is the experience of thousands of British families and business owners each year.

FloodDoors UK make flood protection systems and our flood proof doors and guards are the best for flood control methods for flood protection. How to stop flooding, use flood control systems.

What is the solution?

Flood protection systems.

Flood Doors UK has developed comprehensive, built-in and fully automatic flood protection technology for homes and businesses. People who occupy and work in flood-prone homes and commercial buildings never have to fear the devastating effects of water intrusion caused from rising flood waters again! Our tested and proven flood protective measures restore quality and value to your property and peace of mind to the ones that occupy it.

How is a building protected?

Utilizing revolutionary, state-of-the-art materials, and unique flood protection methods, Flood Doors UK technology seals exterior openings water tight!  FloodProof™ Door System ,  FloodProof™ Window System  and other protective measures prevent water intrusion into the interior of the structure

Not Sure What You Need

If you are expecting floods

When there is the potential for flooding in your area our expert team will conduct a full Domestic or Commercial flood survey, obtaining all of the information needed about the entry points of the building that are susceptible to water ingress. From here we will be able to identify the most suitable products for your home or commercial property and provide you with as much advice as possible regarding the processes of installation, flooding, and maintenance.

If you have already been flooded

In the scenario where your property is currently or recently flooded our team will be able to offer you the best possible advice on how to move forward. This primarily involves how to deal with insurance claims, damage minimisation and the products that we can offer you once the flood water has subsided. In terms of insurance there is currently a ‘Statement of Principles’ in place within the UK that states that insurers must continue offering insurance for flooding, however in 2013 this will expire, and it is very likely that flood-risk areas will not be able to claim any compensation on floods. For this reason it is essential that your property and wallet is adequately protected from future disasters.

Ordering Your Residential or Commercial Flood Assessment Survey

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